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One of the best Gambito cosplay I’ve ever seen by Nadyasonika. Photo by Photographes Sans Frontieres.

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"My speciality is cutting up flesh."

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Anonymous: Do you think the best way to "come out of the closet" should be "by opening the door?"

the only reason you should be in a closet is if you’re about to scare the shit out of some kid that doesn’t check their closet, that’ll teach that stupid fucker


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Anonymous: How can I, a simple cashier, become Kuu's friend?

put the money in the bag and don’t give me any shit

Anonymous: how do i get in kuu's pants?

hack the mainframe

sekaides: are you confirmed for smash yet?

sakurai’s afraid of me

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manda im done now i promise HAPPY BIRTHDAY || fullsize || fa